Bottle Sparklers

Bottle Sparklers
Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Bottle Sparklers can be used anywhere! It’s a safe form of sparkler that gives a breathtaking display when lit. Once lit, they will emit a spectacular spray of sparks that shoot as high as 6-8 inches, and lasts for approximately 45 seconds! Our Bottle sparklers are used at major nightclubs and events across the country. Bring the excitement to your venue or front door, there’s no reason you shouldn’t feel ViP with our champagne bottle sparklers!

These champagne bottle sparklers are ideal for all small parties and bar mitzvahs. You no longer have to buy our bottle sparklers in large quantities to feel ViP! By placing our big birthday cake sparklers on cakes adds to an already amazing night! We even offer our champagne bottle safety clips to truly give you that nightclub feel!

Bottle Sparklers are not only hip and eye-catching, but also add to the attention which your VIP Clientele receives. In addition, Bottle Sparklers increase your revenue and add value to your VIP Bottle Service. This is a MUST item, for any venue that wants to create an unforgettable experience for their VIP clients. 

Bottle Sparklers can be used for champagne as much as any other liquor & are geared towards the Hospitality industry. We provide the highest quality bottle sparklers and also offer quick shipping options. 

Buy Bottle Sparklers today, for your Nightclub, Lounge, Bar, Restaurant, Wedding or Special Event to add a spark to your occasion. For More info: Call 954.281.2850

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